Thursday, November 6, 2008

Big and Small

I think it is funny how one day our world can seem so big and the next so small.

On Tuesday, 121,170,126 people voted...that is over 120million people and that is not all of the American public. That makes me feel very small in a big world.

Now I know that Billings is not a very big town, but when I go to Costco and spend more time talking to people I run into than shopping, I feel like the world isn't really that big. When my husband can chat with his brother in Sudan as if he was next door, or I can IM with my sister in TX, the world feels smaller.

Then when I fly somewhere and am in a airport with thousands of people I DON'T know, it feels big again.

Today, just four blocks from our house, local authorities busted a meth lab. Not a huge one, but a meth-lab. I still feel like our neighborhood is a peaceful and safe neighborhood. However that is one of those things that I always feel like happens elsewhere in our big world. Instead it happened in my small world.

I guess both big and small have good and bad.

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