Sunday, November 2, 2008

Out of Costco?

We discovered yesterday that our Costco membership had expired. Usually for the whole month before they remind me and ask if I would like to renew it. This year they did not. Also, I usually use my executive membership rebate check to renew my membership - it usually covers the fee plus some. However, because the rebate check comes in August and the membership isn't up until November 1st, sometimes that doesn't always work out that way. Like this year.

Yesterday, I gave Mike some money for milk and sent him to Costco. They allowed him to purchase his milk, but confiscated his card. They are serious about their membership! I told Mike to think of it as an opportunity to get a new picture. If only it had been my card that had been confiscated!


Deanne said...

No Costco membership??? Hopefully that will be remedied very soon for you! I'll pray for that end. :)

terri said...

What a tragedy. I hope that gets fixed soon. :)
Also, I LOVE your new header picture. That is great.

Pastor Mike said...

It was devastating for me to love my much loved Costco card in that way - but since it was about to break in two - I didn't mind too much. I kept meaning to go get a new one anyway - no I don't have a choice.