Saturday, November 15, 2008

Posting today

I am trying to post every day, but there are those occasional days that just get away from you. Today is one of those days that started way too early and now after 9pm, I am just sitting down. Except I'm not really...I'm standing at my ironing board waiting for my sheets to finish drying so I can make the bed and go to bed!

So just know that I thought of you today...and good night!


Anonymous said...

One way to cheat: Write two posts in one day, and change the posting date so it doesn't appear until the next day. No one will ever need to know.


Deanne said...

for a second there I thought you were going to say that you were ironing your sheets! thank you for not doing that. :)

and yes, auto posting is a huge help (and so easy, if you have something to write about that is.) :)