Monday, November 17, 2008


There are some songs that I could listen to over and over. And today on my day of rest (after I get the kids off to school & mop the floor) these two songs will probably play one after the other for at least an hour!

Steven Curtis Chapman - Yours

Aaron Shust - My Saviour, My God

Travis Cotterell - In Christ Alone

Travis is one of my favorite worship leaders! Amazing voice, Amazing leading abilities, Amazing humility, and leads me to my Amazing Lord!!!

They all bring me to tears! But happy tears! The second was played at my sister's memorial service last year and the third always reminds me of my grandmother, called home two years ago. Today will definitely be reflective, but a very good reflective!

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terri said...

I cannot make it through "In Christ Alone" without crying. It has so many meanings and encouraging reminders in it for me personally. GREAT song.