Saturday, January 1, 2011


If that doesn't signify a new start!!! I love new starts. I love lists. I love goals. So New Years and its resolutions just call to me. Every year I make new resolutions and like everyone else, often by Jan. 2nd, I have messed up on most of them. Almost every year there is a resolution to lose weight, and to keep in better contact with friends and family. Most years in the past I have resolved to send cards for birthdays and anniversaries. I usually make it to Feb. and fizzle out.

So this year I have a new approach to my resolutions. I am approaching the "marathon not a sprint" analogy and looking long term to make these resolutions stick. I will be taking this first week of January to set goals (really just another term for resolutions) and to really think out how to implement them and follow through.

Here is the schedule I will follow this week:

  • Sun: spiritual goals

  • Mon: relational goals

  • Tues: financial goals

  • Wed: physical goals

  • Thurs: culinary goals

  • Fri: household goals

  • Sat: recreational goals

Seems God even thought today should be a fresh start and blessed us with fresh snow!

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