Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Financial Goals

This is one area of my life that I dread more than weight loss! I am a Dave Ramsey gal and definitely a free spirit. However, my sweet and wonderful husband is also a free spirit, so we both dread having to be nerdy and make sure we know where our money is going. Combine that with the fact that rarely does the income match the monthly expenses!

I know there are always areas to trim, but we are getting pretty lean, that there isn't much more to trim!

This category is out of duty, not desire.

2011 Resolutions:
1. Make the budget at the beginning of the month and stick to it! There is nothing more to say about this...just yuck!

2. Trim the groceries. I hear stories of people surviving on monthly food budgets of $400. Impossible I say! However, I know I could be creative and cut our food budget. I'm going to try cutting it by $25 each month for the first four months of the year. Of course resolution #1 might require this goal to be altered.

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Shoofly Mama said...

Ugh! I am sitting here procrastinating working on the monthly spending plan myself. I think if I just allocate it all to "blow fund" that should work, right? Oh, wait, no it doesn't. That's why we're back on baby steps again.