Thursday, January 6, 2011

Culinary Goals

The thing I like about goals is that they have the freedom to change.

Originally, one of my goals was to try some new baking items each week. However, my husband informed me that he is going on a no carb diet for the next few weeks, and really baking doesn't exactly fit into my physical goals either.

So, time for adjusting of the goals.

I enjoy cooking. I think I can prepare some yummy meals. However, without a recipe I am in trouble. None of the meals that I have attempted without a recipe were received well.

I enjoy collecting recipes. Trying new recipes is kind of scary for me, though. I think that fear of failure thing gets in the way.

Last night I tried a Blue cheese-onion sauce for steak. I was so nervous about it, but it turned out really yummy and will probably become a regular thing when we have steak now.

So, lesson things aren't always that scary!

2011 Resolutions
1. Make a menu I am usually good at making a menu for a week, and then not for the next two weeks. Menu planning always makes things less stressful for me and we definitely spend less money. I'm going to try to menu plan for two weeks at a time, but shop twice during that time. We just can't keep enough fruit/milk in the house for two weeks!

2. Try a new recipe each week This was where I was going to try a new baking item every week, but we'll make it more general. Easier to obtain goal...I like it! And since last night was a new recipe, I have already made my goal for this week. Yeah me!!!

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