Saturday, January 8, 2011

Recreational Goals

I love to travel. I love packing the bags, packing the car, and going. I love to fly, I love to drive. I just love going places!

Thankfully, my husband shares this joy. Over our marriage and many hometowns we have been able to travel. Living in Montana has not changed that, but it has made it a little more difficult. It's not like the big city is just a few hours away...Billings is the big city...sort of.

Last year we were able to take a trip to Texas to see my family. It was an awesome trip and necessary since my family can not travel right now. Unfortunately it is not a trip we can make every year. 4,000+ miles and three weeks is not a trip that happens every 12 months!

This year we have a few work things that have to happen, but for this goal, I am talking about recreation for the whole family.

2011 Resolutions:
1. Take three trips to local attractions that do not require an overnight When my cousins Dave and Amanda visited last summer we went to explore Custer's Last Stand site. Now, my kiddos were a little fussy that day, but I had fun and I liked that my kids got to see some history. We also watched many hilarious Veggie Tales videos on the trip to and from. I know that is not educational, but my kids still talk about singing the silly songs together. Its the memory building that I loved. And maybe some of the history sank in somewhere...

2. Water skiing We love going water skiing and tubing and spending time at the lake. We enjoy going with friends and I know that will happen without much thought. However, going just as our family requires us to plan. Otherwise we just say we want to go and it doesn't happen.

3. Camping Let me start by saying I love not camping. But after 16 1/2 years of marriage I have learned that I can not avoid something that my hubby loves so much. So this year I want to plan some places to camp that HAVE A SHOWER FOR THE MOMMA! If I get a shower every day I am in a much more agreeable mood!

4. Family night Right now family night is all about games or movies, but that has more to do with the beautiful frigid winter weather we have been having for the last 60 days! As the weather warms up, though, I would love our family night to involve more outside activities. Even if it is just the park across the street for an hour or so.

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