Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tornado Thursday

A glimpse into my Thursdays...

Deliver 14 year old to Jazz band while it is still dark

Pick up 14 year old & deliver her to the high school

Deliver the 12 year old to the junior high

Deliver the 9 year old to his school

Deliver the 5 & 7 year old to their school

Home for a quick shower

Pick up the 14 year old and deliver her & friend to junior high

Pick up band book that I forgot and deliver it to the 12 year old

Mail package to new nephew (insert excited aunt giggle)

Pick up Starbucks so that the taxi driver doesn't fall asleep

Pick up 14 year old for eye appointment

Stop at home so 14 year old can pick up glasses

Deliver 14 year old back to school

Stop at home to feed 4 year old

Do a load of laundry

Calculate the distance between hotel and PF Changs for MOPS training in Denver
(anticipation works better than the Starbucks)

Pick up 5 & 7 year old from their school

Pick up 9 year old from his school

Meet 12 year old at home and give youngest five enough snack to hold them over until dinner

Supervise homework

Pick up 14 year old and friend from junior high and after school activities

Hand 14 year old mac & cheese boxes and escape with hubby!!!!


kyla said...

Does that mean we are going to PF Chang's on Tuesday?!

Ivymamma said...

that's my vote!!!!